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This is a collection of software that I've written from 2002 up to the present; feel free to download and share them. For all images, you can click them for a larger screenshot.

Bunker Command - Beta 1 of another arcade-style game set in space. It's still in beta, so graphics and sounds are incomplete and the controls are mouse to aim, left-click to fire, right-click to use shields, and 1-4 to cycle through weapons which you have to buy. [Source code]
Dinosaur Land - A dinosaur "simulation" I did for CSE 143 in the Autumn 2004 quarter. Hit 'h' for help. It is probably the best-looking piece of code because it is all documented and commented. [Source code + resources]
Vorm 1.0 (<200 KB) - Java game. Basically a 360-degree version of Worm or Snake, and the food moves. I made this in a few days; the sounds are all original and done through Sound Recorder. [Source code] [Source code + classes + resources]
EncDec2 (40.7 KB) - A simple encryption utility written in C/C++. I wrote version 1.2 of this a few years ago and now I've rebuilt it from scratch. But it still uses an XOR cipher. [Source code]
KLOG 1.0 (36.9 KB) - This is a stealthy keylogger. Instructions for use are included with the zipfile. [Source code]
Everski 0.9 (184 KB) - Another Java applet. Graphics range from simplistic to crappy, but it's a totally playable and simple skiing game. Rated PG-13. [Source code]
DotSlash 1.0 (28.2 KB) - Not quite a download, but it's a Java game I wrote in the summer of 2003 in about a week. What's different is that it runs as a Java applet, meaning no download hassle, and it's actually got some animation and decent graphics. It's also an intuitive game (click and drag lines to destroy asteroids, protect thing in middle). [Source code] [Source code with MS workaround]
winSpace 1.2 (108 KB) - winSpace 1.2 is an old game I wrote in AP Comp. Sci. AB in winter 2001-2002, which I touched up in April for release as version 1.2. It's a game similar to Space War, but there are more weapons and stuff. Also includes a (very simple) AI! [Source code]
Poji 1.0 (137 KB) - Poji is a puzzle game that I wrote pretty quickly, last summer. It's based off the old NES game Puzznic. The source code for this game is better than winSpace. And you can make your own levels, just read the manual, which I did nicely in HTML. The manual's pretty short. [Source code]
Asteroid Sweeper 1.0 (55.8 KB) - Asteroid Sweeper is basically another Asteroids game in my own flavor. It's a quick download, and it's pretty fun, too. In fact, I managed to get a couple people in a computer class busted because they were playing it instead of something else. It used to be called "winSpace2". [Source code]
Epong 1.0 (5.00 KB) - Pong for the TI-83+ calculator. It is my first assembly game. I doubt you have the capabilities to transfer the game to the calculator, though. It's not a very great game, but you can get it from me at school if you want. The source code, however, is great for learning because I actually made it readable.