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A Nation of Smart People

I think a few smart people and me should migrate to an island and declare independence. Why? Because there are too many stupid people in the world. Think of it this way: The reason why national averages for test scores seem so low is because there are dumb people who bring down the average. Therefore, a state of smart people would be sure to flourish in this world.

A who to the what?!
Only smart people will populate this state. This largely includes scientists, engineers, and other people who are useful to society.

The creation of this nation-state is rather simple: we make our exodus to the last truly free continent. Which continent? Antarctica, of course. So it may be cold, but we'll have so many smart people that it will be engineered to be perfectly hospitable. To maintain the national average, tests are administered to sort out immigrations. Those scoring too low on the tests will be deported, while those passing a threshold will be allowed in. If there is any dispute, I shall have the final say, just because I'm me. That can be changed in the future. Supposedly, smart people will breed smart and smarter people, and all children will take a "continued residence" test at the age of 14. If they fail, they are deported somewhere else or put up for adoption. If they are defective beyond repair, they are also deported ("sent back to the manufacturer under warranty") or put up for adoption ("surplussed"). Also, this nation will use the metric system.

Why we won't take over the world
If we took over the world, we'd be competing with ourselves. We would breed into a race of super-smart humans to populate the world, but that would mean our children would have incredible, hyper-high amounts of pressure to defeat their peers. As this would counter the nation's sustained existence, we would not take over the world. Since the world would be relatively dumb compared to us, we would have an easy time competing with global companies, and we'd slack off just enough to maintain the upper hand.

The super-state of smart people in Antarctica would be one of the best nations ever, and we'd probably colonize space and Mars before the U.S. If you agree with me, then you can have immediate entrance in our super-state as soon as it is established. If you disagree, then you and any future offspring you may have will be denied entrace to our super-state because you are defective, and thus your children will most likely be just as defective if not more.

The nation shall be called Anarchika. We will eat penguin burgers and raise penguins instead of cattle because of the climate. Since it's cold in Antarctica/Anarchika, diseases amongst the birds will propagate less easily.

The PLAN has been devised! See the plan.