Begin transmission:

MahJongChild (10:39:59 PM): http://www.cafeshops.com/taviculus
topAce2001 (10:40:16 PM): haha
MahJongChild (10:40:29 PM): this is the place for Vincent
topAce2001 (10:40:39 PM): no doubt
MahJongChild (10:45:07 PM): Okay, Calculus joke coming up.

A strange man enters a bus and begins yelling at the top of his lungs, "I'm going to differentiate you. No, even worse, I'm going to integrate you! Yaaaaaah! Get out!"

So all the people are immediately scared off and they get off the bus.

The man happily takes his seat only to notice that one man remains in the bus.

"Aren't you scared? Aaaargh! I'm going to integrate you, differentiate you!" asks the bewildered threatener.

"No, I'm not afraid," says the brave samaritan, "I'm e^x."

topAce2001 (10:45:23 PM): haha
MahJongChild (10:45:36 PM): soo
MahJongChild (10:45:48 PM): looks like I've found more competition for Anarchica!
MahJongChild (10:46:00 PM): how can you compete with Taviculus?
MahJongChild (10:46:02 PM): how?!!!!
topAce2001 (10:46:20 PM): with vertical integration!
MahJongChild (10:46:40 PM): your integration topAce2001 (10:47:03 PM): horizontal integration times vertical integration
topAce2001 (10:47:11 PM): which is the integral of integration and thus the ultimate integration
topAce2001 (10:47:14 PM): HA!
MahJongChild (10:47:36 PM): I'm sure they could integrate from all possible directions